What to Look for in a Quality Dental Chair Unit

For the dentist, the dental chair is an essential piece of equipment for you to do your job. But to your patients, the dental chair is the focal point of your office, making it representative of your practice and of the care they expect to receive. There are specific questions you will need to ask yourself before you decide on a dental chair.

How stable is the dental chair?

Stability is an important factor in dental chairs. You need a chair including mobile dental chair unit that will be able to maintain its position throughout the procedure. You can check chair-mounted delivery systems as these offer more stability when compared to the wall-mounted or cabinet systems.

What is the quality of the baseplate?

The baseplate of the dental chair will be the part that will get the most abuse. It will take the brunt of any cleaning chemical used so it is important that the baseplate is extremely resistant to such chemicals. It is also advisable to get a baseplate that does not have a painted finish. The painted baseplate is highly susceptible to scratches which will affect the overall aesthetic of your dental chair in the future.

How is the dental chair’s movement?

Try the chair’s movement. How does it swivel around? Can it move up and down without any jarring movements? The dental chair should be able to provide a smooth transition from one position to the next.

Last, but not least, the dental chair is the workbench where the dentist and assistant spend eight or more hours per day. The dental chair must readily adapt to the practitioner both ergonomically and functionally. Even a slightly annoying functional nuisance can have a serious impact on work quality, productivity, posture, and practitioner health. A long-term ergonomic issue (particularly one that is repetitive) affects not only practice success, but also the duration of the dentist’s career.

In selecting a dental chair or mobile dental delivery unit, learn all the options; determine which ones are needed, and choose the most suitable. It is one of the most critical purchases that you will make.

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