Buy Metabo Power Tools Nigeria

You can buy Metabo Power Tools and Machinery easily as these tools are designed keeping in mind the person’s safety within the workplace is one of the most leading topics in industrial environments. Our machines fulfil the uppermost requirements in terms of health and safety and thus make sure, between other considerations, longer run times and less work-related sickness.

The difficult the work, the more significant it is to guard Metabo users to the best degree possible. Our products for industrial utility fulfil even the strictest safety standards and vibration limits (HAV). Innovative, partly original safety systems protect against accidents, keep employees away from dangerous signs of fatigue or illness and as a result reduce the downtime hazard.

The manufacturers also provide the declaration of warranty with every machinery and device while selling nevertheless statutory requirements, Metabo gives warranty following the regulation of the client’s own country of residence, but in all cases for a minimum of a year, initiating from the date on which the tool and machine is sold to the end-user. The warranty covers faults in material and/or workmanship only.

When requesting the warranty, the original evidence of buying bearing the date of purchase should be submitted. The maintenances under warranty might only be carried out by Metabo’s service stations or authorised Metabo warranty service agents.

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